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I am delighted to share an exclusive extract of Her Rough Ride with you today on Blog Tour

The Book

My name was Sebastian. But now they call me Slade. I’ve reinvented myself, become a man, been sworn into the Red Dragon MC. I’ve got tattooed and ripped to hell, I’ve cut my hair and my face now bears the scars of all the fights I’ve seen. The last thing I need is to face her again…

It’s been eight years since Maya ran away from the club. Sweet, beautiful Maya. My first love.

Why do I have to ride halfway across the country to pick her up? Because the club is at war, she’s the niece of our President and I’m the only brother who can be trusted to protect her.

She broke my heart, but I still want her. Do I ever. This woman is my goddess. She’s also my curse.

I need to focus on getting her home. But as soon as our eyes lock, she’s looking at me all kinds of ways. Like I’m the sexiest, most perfect stranger she’s ever seen.

And then I realise, I look completely different to the boy she once knew and she doesn’t even recognise me. I could tell her who I am. Or I could have a little fun with her first…

This sexy second novel in the Red Dragon MC series can also be read as a standalone. Fans of Kristen Ashley, Joanna Wylde and Madeline Sheehan will love the heart-stopping tension. Guaranteed HEA, no cliffhangers and no cheating.

If you like the sound of that, then check this out…..

“Tell me about another god, Story Boy.” She rolled over on her side to face me, and the bed shifted beneath us. Every time I inhaled I smelled her vanilla-scented skin. I think I was addicted to the lotion she wore or something because it’s all I thought about.
“Which one?”
“Poseidon.” I stared up at the ceiling and frowned. “You know about him already. He’s the god of the sea.”
“I love the ocean. Especially the Pacific.” I heard the smile in her words, then quickly glanced at her mouth just long enough to torture myself. I shut my eyes and exhaled a second later, wishing I hadn’t bothered. Now all I’d thinking about tonight was that lip gloss she was wearing—and whether or not it tasted as sweet as it smelled.
“I’m gonna live near there someday. Guarantee it,” she added.
“California.” She sighed. “Not Malibu, but maybe San Diego. I hear they have some pretty great beaches.”
“I wouldn’t know.”
“You could visit me there if I do move.”
I wondered how that would work, seeing as how the girl barely talked to me during the day. Would she make an exception to that rule when she lived by the beach? That seemed unlikely, but what did I know about the opposite sex anyway?
“Maybe.” I shrugged then started in about Poseidon again. It was safer for me to talk about mythology and Greek gods. Why? The past is documented, not to mention definable, but the future is undetermined, which scared the hell out of me.
“So, Poseidon’s the god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. His siblings are Hades, Demeter, Hestia, Zeus…” I went on, throwing facts out there like I always did. Flick, my guardian and the vice president of the Red Dragon MC, said I had a brain most would kill for, but I wasn’t so sure.
“Have you always been this smart?” she asked when I finished.
I shrugged, not liking compliments. They made me feel weird.
“I’ve never known anyone who can spout stuff off like you. It’s… cool.”
My face got hot, and I looked the other way, hoping my cheeks weren’t red. Being smart was good and all, but that meant nothing in the world I lived in if I didn’t know how to kill a man—least that’s what my uncle, Pops, told me. The thought of the Red Dragon club president had my gut squeezing. The guy scared the hell out of me because I regularly saw what his fists could do. My cousin, Niyol—his son—usually got the worst of it, but I’d seen him raise a hand at some of the others before. The younger ones, mostly.
Flick tried to keep me away from Pops’s wrath, but now that I was a few months from turning eighteen, I was pretty sure I’d have to run from the club for good, or join up as a prospect. I lifted my arms and put both hands behind my head, not wanting to waste time thinking about that tonight. My nights were hers, and only hers. Nothing else mattered when we were together like this.
“You ever think about getting a tattoo?” she asked out of the blue.
I shook my head, letting it drop to the side to look at her again.
“You should.” A tiny line formed between her eyebrows as she studied me. “I’d totally draw something if you wanted. A design template right here with a black Sharpie.” She leaned closer and placed her hand over my heart.
I froze. Delicate fingers spread over my pec. She lifted her gaze again, and I swear to Christ, her eyes sparkled as she searched my face. Beneath her soft palm, my skin started tingling too. Warm and electric, kind of like static, but hotter. It made me wonder if she had magic powers or something—a goddess in disguise, hiding behind her perfect, human skin.
“Maybe.” I cleared my throat, staring ahead at my dresser, nearly losing the last of my control.
“Tell me about another one.” She kept her hand on my chest. “How about a goddess this time?” I blew out a slow breath.
“What about Persephone? You want to hear about her?”
“Who’s that?”
“You’ve never heard of Persephone?” I narrowed my eyes.
“Nope. What are her strengths?” I sighed, prepping for an all-nighter. Before she and her mom, June, had come to stay with me and Flick a few weeks ago, I used to sleep like a baby. Now, I was lucky if I got two hours a night. Not that I cared. Every time I told her a different mythological fact, she got all excited, her pretty eyes sparkling like stars. The best part of our nights together, when I wasn’t talking to her, were when she’d lay her head on my chest without asking and tell me that the sound of my heartbeat kept her bad dreams away. Seeing as how I liked smelling her lotion, liked her close to my body even more, I figured it worked out for both of us.
“Okay. Persephone’s greatest strengths…” I dug into my memory, coming up with the first two things I could think of. “She’s good at compromising and she’s adaptable to situations.”
“Her weaknesses?”
“Wanting to please everyone.” She hummed and shut her eyes.
The second they were closed, I missed them. All hazel and wide… sometimes they looked green in the sun. Golden when she was riled up about something. Then when it was rainy out, or she was sad, they seemed to turn brown. One thing I knew for sure: I’d never seen eyes as beautiful as hers before. I always wondered what she’d do if I tried to kiss her. Taste that lip gloss and the mint on her breath from her toothpaste. If I did try, I’d probably screw up somehow, ruin whatever we were.
Secret friends in the night—is that what she called us? It was stupid. I didn’t know why she couldn’t talk to me during the day. But at the same time, I never asked because I was worried she’d stop letting me come lie with her in my bed if I did. She’d taken over my room, made it her own, while I crashed on the couch… well, up until a few weeks ago, that is.
“Persephone sounds a lot like me,” she whispered.
“Why do you say that?”
“Because…” She paused. “All I’ve ever wanted to do was please people.”
“You don’t need to try to please me.” I liked her just how she was. Her lips ticked up on one side, but then she leaned in, distracting me from saying anything else. My body grew rigid, and I waited, not knowing what to expect—this was the closest she’d ever been to my mouth. She pressed her forehead to my chin, and because I couldn’t help it, my dick got all hard, throbbing against the zipper of my jeans. I shut my eyes, waiting, feeling the heat of her mouth against my throat… Then she used her fingers and started tracing the pulse at my neck, and every nerve inside my body started humming. Begging. Back and forth. Up and down. Over and over and over… I licked my dry lips, breath heavy, waiting for something. Anything. Everything. God, I wanted to kiss her. Lift her chin up, press my mouth to hers, and just… do it. But then she sighed, breaking the silence.
“See, that’s the thing about you, Sebastian. Unlike everyone else I know, you always make me feel like I’m worth something.”
I swallowed hard, not expecting her to get so serious. It didn’t match with our position—how our thighs were pressed together, how my hard-on was shoved against her stomach. I knew she had to feel it, but she didn’t comment—didn’t make a move to touch me anywhere but my neck and chest either. Not that she ever would. We were friends, that was all. I knew better than to think anything else. Still, that didn’t stop me from saying what I said next. Why? Because I was pretty damn sure I was in love with this woman.
“You’re worth everything to me.”
She didn’t speak, but she did urge me onto my back. Not bothering to look at my face, she laid on my chest, settling her ear against my heart like every other night. My throat ached when I tried to swallow. Disappointment I didn’t want to feel made it almost too hard to breathe. Still, I wouldn’t ask her what she was thinking because I was scared of what her answer would be. When she finally did reply, her words… they hurt. A heart-throbbing, burning kind of hurt that I’d never get over. Or forget.
“You’re incredibly stupid for thinking that, Story Boy.”

About the Author

Heather Van Fleet is a stay-at-home-mom turned book boyfriend connoisseur. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, a mom to three girls, and in her spare time you can find her with her head buried in her Kindle, guzzling down copious amounts of coffee.

Heather graduated from Black Hawk College in 2003 and currently writes New Adult and Adult Contemporary Romance.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorheathervanfleet/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HLVanFleet 

Website: http://www.heathervanfleet.com/

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