Avian by Emma Pullar #BlogBlitz #Q&A

Emma Pullar joins me  for a Q&A Interview on Avian blog blitz today

The Book

Megan Skyla, who refused to play by Central’s rules and become a surrogate for her masters, has thrown the city into chaos. Corrupting those around her, she and her friends are forced into hiding – hunted by Central, the evil rulers of Gale City. Skyla’s desperate attempts to keep everyone alive ends when they’re kidnapped by feuding gangs.
Skyla cuts a deal and then betrays both gangs. Now there is nowhere left to run. It’s the desert or die. Her best friend, Crow, thinks she still wants to find a way to cure the Morbian masters of their obesity and finish what she started.
But Skyla has other plans. She’s sure there are settlements in the desert, there must be something out there … and there is. Something terrible.  
Skyla is about to find out there’s more than one way to bring about change but one truth remains … Central must be destroyed in order to ensure her survival. There is no other way.  

Was it easier to write book one or book two in the Skeletal duology?

I thought book two would be easier to write because the world building was already in place. It wasn’t easier. Both novels were a challenge but for different reasons.

Will you ever write more in this world?

I have thought about writing a prequel called The Day of the Bird. This was the day the crows attacked, and the story would be told from Kian’s perspective but I’m not sure if I’ll ever do it. It would be reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ (the first horror movie I watched as a kid) and I would not want to accidently mimic a classic. If I felt confident I could bring something different and it would also help introduce a new generation to a classic horror movie, then I would do it.  
People have asked me to write a third book following on from Avian but it was never in my mind to do that. I like the idea of it being adapted for TV and screenwriters taking the story further. Then I could enjoy it as a consumer rather than the creator. Unless I’m asked to write the screenplay, that would mean a team of writers, which would be fun.

 Has anyone been put off by some of the shocking scenes?
Yes. Some people love them and they were all they talked about, especially the ‘poo’ scene but some people were not so keen. I can’t please everyone. I only hope that most hardcore dystopian/horror fans will be on-board.
Who is your favourite character and why?
Gotta say Coppertop/Thirteen. She’s a gang member and her weapon of choice is a fist of silver bones that she wears over her hand like a second skeleton. She’s smart, deadly and remains calm under pressure. A sadistic murderer but nobody’s perfect, right?

Emma Pullar is a writer of dark fiction and Children’s books. Her picture book, Curly from Shirley, was a national bestseller and named best opening lines by NZ Post. Emma has also written several winning short horror/Sci-fi stories which have been published in four different anthologies. Emma’s latest picture book, Kitty Stuck, has been hugely popular and her novel, Skeletal, and the sequel, Avian, have been described as disturbing and not for the faint-hearted. She also writes articles for an online advice site called Bang2write and dabbles in screenwriting.    


Twitter:  @EmmaStoryteller
Instagram: @emmapullar_storyteller

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