Getting to know the Character Interview with Capt. Kramer

Greg Smith author of the Kramer & Shadow Crime Series joins me to take part in my Getting to know the Character Interview with Capt. Kramer  

Can you describe your character?

Capt. Kramer, USMC (ret) has his roots in the farmlands of the Midwest  and strong Christian beliefs instilled in him by his parents. Tall, dark & handsome, he is the epitome of your storybook hero, even to the point of standing up for those unable to fend for themselves. And he has an inordinate love of animals. He also has flaws that threaten to destroy him in my latest book, Lex Talionis.   

What is his job role and where does he work?

Kramer decides to enlist in the United States Marine Corps after being inspired by the visit by a beribboned recruiting sergeant while in high school. Working up through the ranks to the commissioned ranks, Kramer earns his position among similar ‘mavericks.’ After first being aboard Camp Pendleton, Kramer is eventually deployed to Afghanistan where he rescues a pup off the streets of a bomb-torn local village. He names the Anatolian shepherd Shadow and the two become inseparable.

Where did the original idea of Kramer come about?

The idea of a Marine rescuing a street pup while deployed in Afghanistan and adopting it was inspired by an article I read posted on the ASPCA website. 

What makes them original?

What better formidable duo can you have than Kramer, a U.S. Marine and Shadow,his Anatolian shepherd that grows to a size larger than the biggest Great Dane. Shadow’s heritage can be traced to the times of the Assyrians who used these huge animals as dogs of war.

What makes them tick?

Love and Justice. These two heroes are inseparable; prepared to die for each other. And prepared to put their lives on the line in their struggle against any and all who prey on innocents. Kramer’s altruism is due mainly to his upbringing; Shadow’s is an intrinsic part of his nature and his pure devotion to Kramer. 

What is their biggest fear?

Kramer’s biggest fear is failing those who he has determined to keep safe regardless of the consequences to himself. Shadow’s heritage allows the dog no fear.

If you and your character met in real life, do you think you’d get on?

Very much so. To a limited extent, I share some of Kramer’s altruism, but more importantly a sense for justice; that everyone should bear responsibility for their actions – especially those with a total disregard of the law or for the welfare of others.

Who would you like to see play them if your books were made into a film or TV show?

That’s an interesting question and one I think almost every writer considers or dreams of at one time or another. For starters, I’m not sure if there is a dog suitable to take on the formidable character of Shadow. As for Kramer, while in the initial stages of developing the storyline I imagined Alexander Skarsgård.

How many books do you have in the series so far?

Lex Talionis is the third book in the series thus far, The Pits and You Can Run being first and second respectively. At this point in time I have no plan to expand the series unless I receive an overwhelming request from readers to do so.

What’s in store for them next?

My previous answer may also apply here.

About the Author

Greg Smith is the author of action crime crossover novels. His book, THE PITS, the first in his Kramer and Shadow Series won Runner-Up in the Shelf Unbound 2016 Best Indie Book. LEX TALIONIS is his latest novel, and third in the series. He has over 30 years’ experience as a graphic designer and book designer in the publishing industry both in Australia and United States. Smith was born in Sydney, Australia, and has lived in America since 1999. Find out more about Greg at

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