Murder by the Broads by Anthony Tamiozzo #BlogBlitz #GuestPost

Today I am kicking off  Murder by the Broads by Anthony Tamiozzo Blog Blitz with a fabulous guest post by the author himself telling us what inspires him.

The Book

Meet DS Adam Burnt, a troubled man who has his work cut out. While at a crime scene he is informed of another murder. But Burnt is also having problems at home. He suspects his wife is having an affair. 
As the clues unfold DS Burnt begins a game of cat and mouse.
What links the two murders to a doctor and a psychiatric hospital?
Trying to juggle his personal life and the job, Burnt must navigate Great Yarmouth and the surrounding areas to catch a killer and stop a vicious gang.


I don’t seem to get ideas out of the blue, like staring out a window while mulling over a coffee or walking the dog through the woods. An initial idea maybe, that starts me off, but that’s about all. But the flow of ideas only happens when I type, like just now when I stopped for a moment to imagine a journalist reading over endless blogs when he discovers there is a code between each entry which links to something sinister. The next minute there is a tap at the door …
I shrugged that one away because I need to get to the end of this blog and diverging onto a brand-new novel won’t help.
Within a few weeks of my first novel (then a short story) I had the outline, vague I admit, for a trilogy.
The funny thing is, the place I get most my ideas is in the spare room of our house where I type. I tried a few weeks at the kitchen table, looking out onto the garden. I could plod away okay but it didn’t really flow. I take every opportunity to write outside of work, like when I’m ferrying the kids to one of their activities. I will fire up the lappy and type for an hour, hoping the change of environment would unlash some new ideas within me. But no. Only in the drab spare room full of cardboard boxes, a tonne of paperwork not dealt with, and kids toys from a decade ago.
A big part of writing is music. I love to have the tunes humming away for me to immerse myself in my writing. There’s lots of music I like, but not a lot that I can play while writing. If it commands my attention then I find it distracting. If I have turn it down so low to concentrate I can hardly hear it, it’s the wrong music. But just digging out some ambient background whale music is uninspiring. Not sure what it is but some stuff just seems to work. I put on Brian Eno’s Apollo for the first year I was writing my debut, Murder by the Broads. Later, it was David Bowies Blackstar. The last six months it was Radiohead’s Moon shaped pool.   
It’s as if you have a genre of music called typing music. Other tunes I’ve dabbled in and out of while writing is Music from before the storm by Daughter, Again by Colder, Born to Die by Lana Del Ray, and Capacity by Big Thief.
There’s probably hundreds, but rather than search endlessly I’m happy to alternate between the ones I know work for me, just purchasing the occasional Radio 6 tune that catches my ear. Like choosing the bottle of red you know you like, rather than taking a chance on a new brand.
Strange, because I’m not usually that unadventurous in other parts of my life. It’s probably because writing is not my day job and any time I get to skulk away to my cave is golden alone time. Though, spending that time researching ideal music would be a welcome distraction. Maybe someone out there has already pursued it and there is an abundance of typing ear candy waiting to devoured.

Author Bio:

Anthony Tamiozzo was born in Derby and raised in Great Yarmouth. He moved to Aberdeenshire around 2007 with his wife and two kids. He has the day job of a software engineer.
His spare time, when not hill-running, tearing down a mountain on a bike, or coaching his boys football team, he is writing about where he grew up.
He knows people who died or was killed because of drugs all in the unassuming town of Great Yarmouth, which continues to inspire his ideas.
His real name is Ant Wilson but adopted his father’s Italian surname for his writing pseudonym. His favourite writer is Elmore Leonard.


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