Nostra Dame by Jacqueline Evans #CoverReveal

True crime story Nostra Dame by Jacqueline Evans has had a makeover and I am super excited to share the new cover with you all today. But first of all lets get to know the author……

Jacqueline was born in the 1960’s and grew up in Birmingham, where she still lives today with her youngest son. From an early age, she became an avid reader and always dreamt of one day becoming a writer. For many years Jacqueline worked in a bank, doing a job that she enjoyed but left to raise her two sons; a move she has never regretted. She loves spending time with family, cooking hearty meals, sewing and gardening. Above all, she likes nothing more than to escape to a quiet corner to read her favourite kind of books; crime-fiction and psychological thrillers. Currently she is working on her second, non-fiction book and excitedly awaiting the arrival of her first granddaughter.

Twitter @JEvansthewriter 
Instagram jacquelineevans1019

The Book

Please feel free to check out my 5 star review for Nostra Dame here REVIEW

Now the moment you have all been waiting for……The brand new cover

Check those green eyes out!  Absolutely fabulous isnt it? I bloody love it….I hope you do too. You can grab your copy right now from Amazon Happy Reading guys

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