The Locke Cipher by Gabriel Kron #BlogTour

I am delighted to share my 4.5 star review for The Locke Cipher by
Gabriel Kron on Blog Tour today which is out now

The Book
When Daniel Bateman learns of a working Lockridge device left over from
WWII Nazi Germany, he’s soon on its trail. But there are powerful forces that
will stop at nothing to suppress technology that would solve the world’s energy
crisis. Soon the hunter becomes the hunted as Daniel is accused of multiple
murders, wounded and on the run. Can his friends and survival instincts buy him
enough time to publicly disclose the Lockridge and expose those hell-bent on
suppressing it. In the fight of his life, the only secret, which will save him, is
hidden in the Locke Cipher.

My Thoughts

The Locke Cipher is the authors debut novel and what a debut novel it is. And
nothing like what I thought it was going to be in fact it is so much better.
Gabriel is one every talented writer his writing style is strong and crisp….
I loved it.  

The plot is original and like nothing that I have ever read before I won’t give to
much away with the plot. But I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.
It is fast paced with each page leaving you wanting more. The author does a
brilliant job of questioning what if free electricity really did exist The Locke
Cipher will really get your cogs turning.

Daniel Bateman is a strong likeable character fans of Jason Bourne and Jack
Ryker are going to love him I certainly did and this book would make a brilliant

Yes this book is full of action and suspense not forgetting it will
pull you in from the start and keep you gripped until the very end….talk about a
cracking pageturner.  

There is nothing not to like about this book which I highly recommend giving it 4.5

I would like to thank the author for a copy and inviting me to take part in this fab
Blog Tour

Grab your copy now from Amazon

About The Author
Gabriel Kron grew up and worked in London through the London race riots and
IRA bombings of the 80’s and 90’s. Having trained as an Engineer with the
Ministry of Defence, he joined the computer industry working for large US
merchant banks before changing direction completely and becoming a full time
Martial Arts Instructor, teaching internationally including presidential bodyguards
and police.

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