The Hope That Kills by Ed James

The Hope That Kills by Ed James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my giddy aunt…..what a book! The Hope That Kills which is the first book in the DI Fenchurch series has been sitting on pile for far to long. I am now wishing that I had read it sooner. On the plus side I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that I have not only a new author to read. But also a new detective series! Hell yes!

By chapter 5 I knew that this book was something good because I found myself laughing out loud at the sarcasm between the detectives. Fenchurch is a strong character who I have taken an instant liking to, he is a broken man with the disappearance of his daughter some years ago.

A body of a young woman is found on the streets of London with no ID. Fenchurch and his team are on the case trying and piece together the murder. With no one caring, it’s just another Prostitute to them. But to Fenchurch it could easily be his daughter.Then a second body is discovered, things get deeper with the investigation which takes us into the sex trade.

We have plenty of police procedure in this story. The author has thrown in plenty of background information in, so I loved that we really get to know Fenchurch has a character with him having to face his past.

The Hope That Kills is unputdownable in fact it is so damn good I am about to start the second one. You will find plenty of twists and turns and will have you sucked in from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down.

The whole time I was reading this I could visualize it being on TV. I loved the author’s style of writing. It is certainly a fast paced easy read and a brilliant start to a series I cannot wait to read what is in store next for Fenchurch

I cannot recommend this enough giving it 5 massive stars.

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