Q&A Interview with Jacqueline Evans

This morning I am excited that Jacqueline Evans has dropped by my blog to take part in my Q&A interview. Author of a true story Nostra Dame. Which I have a signed copy up for grabs. For your chance to win all you have to do is share this post on Facebook or Tweet this post. And leave a comment below……So with without further ado I would like to welcome Jacqueline Evans

Good morning welcome to chelle’s Book Reviews.Can you tell us a little about yourself and background?
You could say that I’m a newbie to the writing scene, after recently self-publishing my first book. The book is a true account of my life so I won’t give too much away – let’s just say that I have a sixth sense which literally went ‘through the roof’, following a near-death in my twenties. Knowing what’s coming down the line is almost second nature; though it’s not something I welcome these days. I live in Birmingham and will soon be turning fifty-one….Boo! Life is not as hectic as it once was, now that my sons are grown and preparing to flee the nest! I plan to start my second book very soon and maybe a third, after that – both will be non-fiction and then who knows?

When did you know that you wanted to become a writer? and how did you go about it?
At fourteen, I declared that I would write a book one day though had no idea what about. I was an avid writer from a very young age, I’d spend hours making up short stories or poems – even now I love writing letters, shopping and ‘to do’ lists! Anything really, give me a pen and paper and I’m happy. My life ended up being so ‘out of the ordinary’ – it was a story waiting to be told. My youngest son nagged me every day to just keep writing and I’m glad that in the end, I listened!

Can you tell us what genre your books are and the audience you write for?
The genre is something which I’m a little confused about…my experiences were paranormal/supernatural. The book contains many chapters on true crimes, where I volunteered precise information to police investigations – so you could say either; I suppose. I would hope that my story would appeal to those who read both paranormal and true crime or those who may have had similar ‘unexplained’ experiences.

What is your writing process? and how long does it take?
My writing process with the first book really lacked structure. Most days I would begin around nine in the morning and get completely immersed…looking up at the clock to find it was past six and there wasn’t a morsel in the house! From start to finish it took eighteen months. In future, I intend writing a thousand words a day so that I have time for just living!

Are your characters based on anyone you know or are they just fictional?
The book is non-fiction. Like much of the story, the title is also a little cryptic – ‘Nostra Dame’ suggests a female ‘version’ of Nostradamus.

Have you wrote about a personal experience in your novels?
Yes. From beginning to end, everything is true. Some chapters were heart-wrenching for me to write; I hope I conveyed the story as sensitively as I possibly could.

What research do you do?
Mostly everything was locked firmly in my heart and memory – though I did do a lot of fact-checking; dates and things, at the time of writing.

Who would you like to co-write with and why?
Difficult question…would have to say Angela Marsons. I know the places she writes about quite well and that certainly adds to the enjoyment of her books. Although crime-fiction, some lines are hilarious and often make me laugh out loud.

What’s your favorite book?
Hmm…so many to choose from. Not sure about my all-time favourite but last year’s has to be ‘Witness’, by Caroline Mitchell – couldn’t put it down, I may even read it again… and soon!

What’s your favorite food?
Without hesitation, slow-cooked beef in red wine, shallots and mushrooms – and lots of mash!

What’s your favorite film?
Singin’ in the Rain.

What’s your favorite song?
Let the Music Play, by the late, great Barry White.

How can readers find out more information about yourself and your books?
By following me on Twitter @JEvansthewriter or on Instagram jacquelineevans1019

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