JAMMED UP by Steven Hayward

Jammed Up by Steven Hayward
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

First things first, I am loving the new cover. Jammed up is a prequel to Mickey Take, so for those of you who have read Mickey Take will get to meet Herbert Long again. A character I wanted to know more about so I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this story.And once again Steven Hayward certainly doesn’t disappoint. I absolutely loved it.

So in this story we meet rude-boy Jam, its been ten long years and he has been working his way through a list of men who tormented his best friend Jabba. Taking a job with Herbert Long which he knows something is quite right. And little does he know what he is getting Jabba and himself into.
DI Terence Pinner needs to settle a debt with London gangster Raymond Riggs, but with so many people involved things could get messy quickly.

WOW what a series this is turning out to be! I found this one a quick and easy read that I simply couldn’t put down. Even though it is a novella it is 200 pages long, so you get plenty of story and insight to the characters.

I enjoyed getting to know Herbert more, after reading Mickey Take I felt there was plenty more to know about him and there truly is. Being from the Black Country we don’t exactly talk proper English LOL so for me I found the street dialogue easy to follow.

Jammed up can be read has a series of a standalone. If gangster genre is your cup of tea then I highly recommend this giving it 4.5 stars.

Thank you to Steven Hayward for a copy in exchange for a honest review.

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One thought on “JAMMED UP by Steven Hayward

  1. I'm reading 'Mickey Take' at the moment and it's fab. I'll be reading this one too – thanks for sharing.


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