A Cold Death by Antonio Manzini

A Cold Death (A Rocco Schiavone Mystery)A Cold Death by Antonio Manzini
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first book I have read by Antonio Manzini and certainly wont be my last. Although I have to say I do think I would of been better reading Black Run first but to be totally honest I didn’t realise this was the second in a series. Anyway this new exciting series is actually translated from Italian. Not normally something I would read and I am so glad I because I absolutely loved it.

This story starts off in Aosta where the author sets the scene with beautiful descriptions of the area where I felt I was in the story, when though its cold and wet! So the story starts off in an elegant apartment and the cleaning lady finds the body of her employer hanging from a chandelier….gruesome or what?! Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone is on the case and is not convinced that Esther killed herself. He begins to hunt the killer. But as he digs deeper into Esther’s life, Rocco has troubles of his own with dissatisfied girlfriend Nora and the memory of his deceased wife. And a score that needs to be settled back in Rome. A small town with big secrets, but Rocco will do whatever it takes to bring them to light.

The chapters are days of the week and is written over Friday through to the following Thursday.
It is a easy read and i read this in one afternoon. I simply couldn’t put it down. Keeping me guessing until the end.

Like i said earlier I do think i would of benefited from reading the first one to get more of an idea of Rocco’s background. But never the less it didn’t spoil the story for me and I will definitely be reading more in this series. I loved everything about this story the plot, the characters and the authors writing skills. Antonio certainly knows how to write a page turner. And the ending has been left open where I found myself saying gutted I’ve got to wait for the next one…..very clever indeed.

This is a series to good to me missed which I highly recommend giving it 4.5

Thank you to 4th ESTATE.London for a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

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